Recently I needed to purchase batteries quickly at a department store, but ended up waiting over a half hour to check out.


Why was it so long you might ask?  Well for the simple reason that no store honors anything posted regarding regulations.  Due to my small purchase,  I went directly to a 10 items or less check out.  Low and behold all other lanes are overly filled with customers and only two people are in line at the express lane.  I looked ahead of myself and one customer has a basket with fireworks, beer, a maxim magazine and a box of extra sensitive condoms (after calculating all the contents in his basket I deduced it was a recipe for disaster).  The lady behind him was only holding some bullshit "as seen on tv" hair removing device I noticed.  After evaluating the line, I made the false assumption of leaving the store in good timing.  After Romeo checked out with his basket of goods, some guy with a full cart cuts in front of me and says “hey hun I found the chips you wanted” and nonchalantly starts loading the belt for the clerk to check them out.  The lady smiles at me and says, "Sorry we went a little over" and then continues to help load the belt in front of me as if making me wait for a full cart in the express lane is no big deal.  So being the type of person that I am,  I say to the cashier sarcastically can you count or was that not a requirement for this position?  The clerk looks at me dumbfounded and continues checking out the largest express order I ever witnessed.  At that point I felt like hitting the clerk with the pack of batteries,  and then breaking my foot in the ass of the couple who strategically cut in front of me.  Instead of ending up in jail because of two inconsiderate assholes, I decided to write a venting article.