I was working at a site the other day, and while visiting the restroom I noticed an addition right next to the mirror.  I looked over at the device and it appeared to be a timed air freshener that sporadically blasts a large amount of "aerosal goodness" at incremental times.

If you think that is a good thing to have in a restroom you must also consider that it was mounted next to the mirror at eye level for all average height people.  I looked at it not thinking about it the rest of the day until I noticed an ambulance outside and a lot of commotion later that afternoon  in front of the building.  To my surprise, a person apparently used the washroom and on their way out passed the air freshener, was blinded with a blast in the eye and panicked causing the victim to fall and hit their head on the toilet which in turn caused them a serious concussion and a trip to the hospital.  After learning about this,  I have officially decided that all automatic aerosal air fresheners are the devil and are out to kill you.  If seen at eye level, I recommend destroying it immediately before it takes you out.