I work for a living as an outside consultant for hire in the IT field.

I am normally hired on a project basis to evaluate current operations of sites and then help them improve or implement newer technological ways of performing their day to day routines.  After being in this field for several years I have ran into some very interesting methods of operation that I could not believe would actually exist.  One example below is of a main distribution frame room at a site and the cabling I found.  I apologize for the bad photos but I was limited to a camera phone like usual.


For anyone that is not well informed on how network communication cables should not be intertwined tightly to prevent cross talk this is not a very healthy practice.

At the same site I found a cable plugged into the switch and then lead into a speaker as depicted below.  I do not know what the previous tech team was trying to accomplish but I would assume they did not get very far from what I found.


Even though these examples look terrible they are unfortunately not a very big surprise to me.  Many places are limited with the help they get and therefore produce situations I presented above.  I just wanted to share what I have to inherit on a regular basis when starting new projects to help organizations succeed in the technology world.