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Field Trips

Kevin revisits Disc Replay in Highland, IN after a major update has been finished at the store. This is my local go to for all my retro needs. Disc Replay is great because of the fact that every store is unique.

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Going to the show...

I remember a great deal about the movie theaters of yesterday.  I always remember more when I visit a theater to see a show nowadays.  I can not stand so many things about the theater today I only go if I am at gun point or if it is a rare occasion something good is actually coming out.

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Eat This, Not That...

David Zinczenko's articles, books, and observations on "Eat This, Not That", "Drink This, Not That", "Buy This, Not That", etc. are poorly thought out and a waste of journalism.

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What do you do with your old shoes?

For the past ten years, there has been a crossroad where I pass regularly that I always noticed someone or something has always thrown shoes all over the area.

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Online dating is limitless.

Online dating is one of the most interesting services by far on the internet.

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Sexist dog toys?

Recently I visited a local store looking for a new toy for my dog.

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Best IT support.

I work for a living as an outside consultant for hire in the IT field.

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Are you old enough to use an iPad?

Last Wednesday the iPad was announced, and after a considerable review, I have concluded that it is nothing but a geriatric iPhone.

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Ebay sellers are shysters.

I am sick and tired of getting ripped off on ebay.

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Do you like dry filthy hands?

I try not to harp too much on public restrooms, but sadly enough, they are the biggest targets on a day to day basis for me.  Most standard public bathrooms have basic methods for drying your hands.  You run into the paper towel scenario, hand dryer or both.

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Twitter is for twits.

People nowadays are all getting into twitter.  As if MySpace and Facebook wasn't enough, the internet has to go and top itself with twitter.

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Are power lines the largest cause of death for children?

Back in the day safety commercials were littered through the prime time tv hours of after school television.  Several of these commercials had some of the worst safety mascots and messages I have ever seen. But one distinctly comes to mind whenever I  recall having to put up with safety commercials eating up precious TV time that could either be soliciting badass video games or toys instead of giving me a safety message in the most incoherent way possible.

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It's not my fault your job sucks.

Recently I have visited several stores and noticed a pattern.

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I hate the Keyboard Cat. is a great way to share video over the internet but some of the creations that come from it are going way too far.

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I am sick of Chicago sellouts.

For those of you who do not keep up with Chicagoland news I will briefly update.  Willis Group Holdings, a London-based insurance broker, announced that it will consolidate its area offices to the Sears Tower and as part of the deal, gets to put its own name on the 36-year-old skyscraper.

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Medieval Times is a rip off.

I recently visited Medieval Times with a group of friends.  I initially went because I always wanted to know what was so great about this place.

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10 items or less my ass.

Recently I needed to purchase batteries quickly at a department store, but ended up waiting over a half hour to check out.

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Subway customers can go to hell.

On my lunch break at work I usually take advantage of several local and convenient fast food establishments in the area.  I mainly do this because I am too lazy to pack my own lunch.  For variety and cost effectiveness I usually visit Subway once a week.  Every time I visit this establishment, I run into several types of customers that can easily be categorized.

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Death by air fresheners?

I was working at a site the other day, and while visiting the restroom I noticed an addition right next to the mirror.  I looked over at the device and it appeared to be a timed air freshener that sporadically blasts a large amount of "aerosal goodness" at incremental times.

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IHOP should change its name to...

One day while going out with a group of friends from work, we decided to do breakfast for lunch.  After noticing an IHOP, I decided to suggest this restaurant since after all they are known for their breakfast selection.  Surprisingly, none of my friends had been to an IHOP and as we began to pull into the parking lot they began to question the quality of food there.  Running on five hours without eating and the mere fact that it was lunch time, I made the mother of all mistakes by testifying that it was an "OK" restaurant and I assured them that I had been to an IHOP.  What I ultimately had forgotten to tell my friends was that I had been to IHOP, but not at the location we were about to enter.  As we walked into the restaurant, it appeared like all the other IHOP’s I had visited in the past – just one small difference, I NEVER walked out of an IHOP horrified and sick to my stomach like when I left this one.  I can safely assure you that after the experience I endured at this IHOP, you can count on me to NEVER step foot again in this location!  To begin this horrifying experience, It was free coffee day or some shit like that, and what kind of people like to just sit around sip coffee and bitch about their fixed incomes? Anyone over the ripe old age of 65 and older.  I swear, there had to of have been about fifty old geezers standing around waiting to be seated for a free cup of coffee.  Finally, we were seated after about a twenty minute wait, I decided to hit up the ol’ washroom to wash my hands before I ate.  After I entered the bathroom, I thought for a split second that I may have entered the ladies washroom minus a tampon machine or entered a restricted crime scene after what I had seen.  Shit hitting the fan would be an understatement to what I had witnessed.  To my surprise, there were splatters of blood on the urinal, walls, mirror, and floor.  I further investigated the scene and took the following photos with an archaic phone I had at the time.

Immediately upon entry, I looked at the ground and saw a small puddle of blood.

I then looked at the sink and saw a bunch of dried up blood shavings.

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29 May 2015

Kevin revisits Disc Replay in Highland, IN after a major update has been finished at the store. This is my local go to for all my retro needs. Disc Replay is great because of the fact that every store is unique.

29 May 2015


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