Do you like dry filthy hands?

I try not to harp too much on public restrooms, but sadly enough, they are the biggest targets on a day to day basis for me.  Most standard public bathrooms have basic methods for drying your hands.  You run into the paper towel scenario, hand dryer or both.

Well another restroom I recently frequented removed all drying solutions in the facility and replaced them with a new Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer.


This thing is the biggest piece of crap I have ever run into in the bathroom that was not in the toilet since that old recycle cloth towel that used to hang in bathrooms.


Apparently by description the airblades cut the water off your hands better than any other drying method.  Well I do not know if I would like anything cut off of me in a bathroom but apparently Dyson thinks it is a great way to describe a device you put your hands in.  I followed the directions as described on the unit and unless you are extremely careful or have very small hands, you will brush your hands up against the guards as you feed them into the unit.  Another  example situation is when you spill something on your pants and need to wipe it off or wash it off with water.  If this machine was your only option, you are screwed unless you remove your pants and feed it through and put them back on.  "Sanitation Breakthrough", claims Dyson.   I claim another gimmicky way of doing something that should not be bothered with.   I do not know how sanitary it is to wash your hands then rub them all over a public use device.  It is about the equivalent of those brilliantly designed bathrooms with the doors you have to pull open when you exit, so even if you washed your hands, you still touch the doorknob infested with everything and passed on by everyone that has passed through regardless.  I cannot stand how common sense in design in this day and age is still that uncommon.  If any building designer or architect knew anything about personal hygiene, all bathrooms would have a pull door entrance and a push out exit.

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Saturday, 16 October 2021

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