Ebay sellers are shysters.

I am sick and tired of getting ripped off on ebay.

Everytime I try to purchase something, there is always some sort of glitch, miscommunication or mixup.  It is getting so ridiculous on ebay sale pages that there are contractual lenghts longer under an item description in ebay than there is  to purchase a car.  Whenever I receive something that was inaccurately described, the seller always emails me some loophole that they convienently  placed on their bid page to their advantage.  In most cases sellers say, "Ok send the item back, and I will reimburse you for everything." That answer I  find to be reasonable.  But my frustration hits new heights, when I get  responses that say, "We will reimburse you for everything but your cost to ship it back to us."  To those sellers I say, "Go to hell."  If you are in  business and plan to be successful, you need to eat your mistakes.  Nobody is going to keep coming back to a seller that basically says, "Tough shit if you do not like the item that I falsely described."  If you want some money back, go out of your way and spend your time and money to make up for my piss poor selling descriptions.  These vendors need to be flagged.  If ebay could give a shit, you might not run into postings like the ones below...


Then after reading the Declaration of Independence for an item posted for under $5.00 you end up getting this in the mail after purchasing...


Are you old enough to use an iPad?
Do you like dry filthy hands?


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Sunday, 17 October 2021

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