Going to the show...

I remember a great deal about the movie theaters of yesterday.  I always remember more when I visit a theater to see a show nowadays.  I can not stand so many things about the theater today I only go if I am at gun point or if it is a rare occasion something good is actually coming out.

Cell phonescell_light

Instead of the good old problems of dealing with people smoking cigars, wearing large hats, or just being the normal obnoxious patron; we have upgraded to annoying people playing with phones that project light just as good if not better than a flashlight.

Previews for 35 mins

yawnI have timed the previews of today.  Never worry about getting to the movie late because that is just an advantage today.  I went to see a movie that started at 9:30 and the feature did not acutually begin until 10:05.  I can understand a few previews for five or ten minutes but a bunch of commercials for over a half an hour?  They do not even show many previews nowadays it is just the same commercials I see on tv at home.  Why am I paying to see commercials I can walk away from at home?  If they really want to capitalize on advertisement they should go in a different direction.  For example charge more per ticket that there are no commercials and actually just show the damn movie.

Concession Stand


Naturally over time inflation plays its role and prices of everything eventually rises but the cost increase at the theater is a markup like no other. As if you didn't pay enough for your ticket, why don't you purchase some over priced movie time snacks too.

I understand you have to pay for convenience but the markup on concession stands at theaters put markup on many other products to shame.  To enjoy a small popcorn and soda you will end up paying close to ten dollars depending on where you go.  The average cost to make popcorn and soda is lower than one dollar so you pay roughly ten times the price because the theater lives off the concession stand revenue.  I have visited one greedy theater that checked all the women's purses for contraband snacks like we were at the airport.  I can not believe how ridiculous these theaters are getting.   

In conclusion the theater better enjoy its ride while it still lasts.  Thanks to the great technology options of home theater equipment, Netflix, DVDs, and BluRay I will gladly just wait for a feature so I can view it at home instead of going through the financial burden of the theater...

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Sunday, 17 October 2021

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