I hate the Keyboard Cat.

YouTube.com is a great way to share video over the internet but some of the creations that come from it are going way too far.

The other day I visited the mall (not by choice I was dragged by a friend), but when we entered a typical clothing store a t-shirt grabbed my eye that I could not believe existed. For anyone who is lucky enough to not have seen this waste of time video, well your luck has changed if you search YouTube.com for "keyboard cat" as an entry. Apparently the internet world is elated by the idea of a cat being puppeted by his owner to crap out some shitty tune after viewing a brief video of someone making a mistake or screwing up in some sort of fashion.  Apparently, that keyboard cat has his own line of clothing now with a great ensamble of pink t-shirts sporting his mocking smile upon the world. This cat is laughing at everyone and making fools of anyone stupid enough to enjoy his antics online. Anyone who watches this cat or supports it by purchasing it's shitty merchandise should be dragged out in the street and shot.  I do not know if I hate the cat and the owner, or if I am just pissed I did not think of the idea first...


It's not my fault your job sucks.
I am sick of Chicago sellouts.


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Saturday, 16 October 2021

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