Online dating is one of the most interesting services by far on the internet.

So many different systems to pick from and they all claim to be a success.  People create profiles on these sites and some require headlines.  Below are some examples I have come across.

As if these titles are not bad enough to scare off anyone normal assuming that is what you are looking for; there are five top mistakes people make on their profiles I have noticed.

1.  Taking pictures with peers of the same sex that are much more attractive than yourself.


I mean come on people have ugly friends for a reason.  Sometimes it is a childhood friend, sometimes they have a great personality, most times they just want to look good going out by simple comparison.

2.  Openly admitting to recovering from something traumatic.

That is great you completed the steps for AA that the court forced upon you.  There is no need for you to announce that to a bunch of strangers on the internet if you are really trying to improve your chances.  Hey I have no problem with recovered people I just suggest you tell another in person at the right time not before they even meet you.

3.  Saying stupid things like "I am looking for my Prince" or "I want an all american woman" in your profile.

Stating these cliche stupid things just make you look like you do not even know what you want and who wants to deal with a person like that?

4.  Discussing your previous relationship experiences or an ex.

Yea that is a good idea talk about the past, bad experiences, and your ex that you are obviously not over if you have to mention them on a profile that should be strictly about yourself.

5.  Taking pictures of yourself with your phone in a mirror on the bathroom wall.


This is unfortunately what at least fifty percent of people do on online dating sites for their profile picture.  This brings up several ideas on the readers end.  Don't you have any friends to help you take a photo?  Don't you know how to operate a timed camera?  Last if you have to take a picture in the mirror why must you use the bathroom as your number one choice?