Are power lines the largest cause of death for children?

Back in the day safety commercials were littered through the prime time tv hours of after school television.  Several of these commercials had some of the worst safety mascots and messages I have ever seen. But one distinctly comes to mind whenever I  recall having to put up with safety commercials eating up precious TV time that could either be soliciting badass video games or toys instead of giving me a safety message in the most incoherent way possible.

Louie the lightning bug


This mascot was an annoying singing bug with a light bulb for an ass.  He had several commercials pertaining to electricity and trains, but mainly electricity.  His commercials would all be very similar and just portray lethal situations with electricity.  While he would dance around dangerous electrical situations he would sing in a drunken slur “stay the hell away from power lines…”  As a child I just disregarded his commercials but they became more redundant and consistent at the times I would watch television after school.  It got so bad that he almost brainwashed me to the point of believing that if I would go anywhere near electricity I was basically playing Russian roulette.  I also wondered how many deaths actually occurred due to people being electrocuted by power lines.  I just do not understand it.  You would really have to go out of your way to get injured by power lines, let alone die from them.  If safety commercials are a must; how about something more justifiable such as stranger danger and kidnapping.  I am willing to bet there are a helluva alot more kidnappings than there are barbecued kids screwing around power lines...

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Saturday, 16 October 2021

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