People nowadays are all getting into twitter.  As if MySpace and Facebook wasn't enough, the internet has to go and top itself with twitter.

Twitter is basically a micro blog of what you are doing at all times throughout the day.  Are people that pathetic that they have to invest all their time posting every minute detail about their daily activities?  Twitter sure as hell thinks so, and sad to say they are right.  This twitter crap has grown like a bad rash on the internet with every bozo who knows how to post mindless dribble is having a field day.  Each post is called a tweet, and it informs you how many tweets as the day progresses.  The following image depicts your typical twitter page.


I mean, who the hell really cares you went to the super market?  Who cares you went to the bathroom for 15 minutes?  Are people really interested that you made a turkey sandwich and the meat was a little dry today?  If anybody finds this garbage interesting and follows it, do yourself and the world a favor and kill yourself.  You obviously have no worth, and therefore, no contribution to give to society.  Quit wasting space, oxygen and everything else by existing and please end it all now!