For the past ten years, there has been a crossroad where I pass regularly that I always noticed someone or something has always thrown shoes all over the area.


Rain, snow, sleet, no matter what weather conditons, or time of year, there are always old shoes thrown all over this intersection.


There have been many myths and ideas behind it, but when I question locals they have no explanation and act as if it is perfectly normal.  The farthest back I have confirmed this has been happening is back in the early 1970s,  There are always different shoes over the weeks and they range from new to worn old tattered ones.


Where the shoes come from and where they go is still uncertain but the following theories have been entertained.

Locals throw shoes to keep a leprechaun busy repairing and shining them so he can not torment the town.

Aliens keep collecting all the shoes and use them as some sort of resource or fuel.

Some hillbilly threw his shoes out of his pickup one day and others just followed his lead and the pattern has yet to be broken.

Payless can not afford a dumping ground any longer and has designated this spot.