It's not my fault your job sucks.

Recently I have visited several stores and noticed a pattern.


Every time I go to pay for my merchandise, the cashier has a bad attitude.  Now I can understand everyone has a bad day and not everyone likes their current job, but taking it out on customers who come into your line is no way to improve any situation.  I almost always greet cashiers and even in worst case scenario act neutral when I purchase something from a store.  I expect at least the same common courtesy or better.  Well today I got nothing but worse.  I even went out of my way on my last errand I had to run and went through the line with my best sugar-coated  greeting possible and still recieved a rude look and piss poor demeanor in return.  So from now on, "Screw off cashiers!"  The next one that gives me a snyde look or crappy ass attitude I am just going to say "It is not my fault this is all you have amounted to in your life."  That way it is simple and to the point.  I am sick of having to deal with people's shit just because they made bad decisions their entire life.

Are power lines the largest cause of death for chi...
I hate the Keyboard Cat.


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Sunday, 17 October 2021

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29 May 2015


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